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Welcome to the magical world of BNBww

Leather Tanning, Crafting Magicians.
The Original Manufacturers of Fashion Leather Garments, Motor Bike Suits, Fetish Wears, OEM Apparels. The Only OEM Certified Manufacturer for Walt Disney, Warner Bros. (WB), MARVEL, STAR WAR, Kiss Band and more.
Leather Wears Direct From Factory.
Bring Your Imaginations to reality.

How it works


Receive inquiries based on complete details and additional requirements.


Begin designing the layout for the customer's order.


Initiate production of the order to ensure quality and meet the specified deadline.


Conduct a final checking process upon completion of production, followed by prompt delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Join Us to Bring your imaginations to life.

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Don’t Shy!
Just give us a ping and we will get to you ASAP.

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